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New! Ask a doctor

Dr Laura is a GP (family doctor) and now also Not Your Mum’s very own resident medical agony aunt. Age 11+? Ask her your medical questions, share your worries, and she’ll try to respond in a video. Email – we will never say your name or email address in a video. Meantime, here are Dr Laura’s videos so far…


How people look amazing in photos

Nell & I did a Not Your Mum photoshoot and filmed the whole thing, from totally make-up free to the finished article…


What is transgender?

Thanks v much to All About Trans, a brilliant resource for info, for their help with writing this video. Find them at

The charity we mention in the video is Mermaids, which helps trans kids and their parents. You can call their helpline on 0844 334 0550 or, mobile only, 0344 334 0550. You can also email them: or visit their website:


Your relationship worries

Growing up isn’t all boobs, hair and annoying emissions, obvs, and Not Your Mum also covers the feelings-based stuff. Family, friends and relationships are a massive part of your life, so we’ve made a playlist to answer your worries about all that stuff. Have we missed something? Tell us! Email We will NEVER reveal your name or email address in a video.

NOTE: This playlist includes videos about subjects, like sex, that you might not want to know about yet. You’re welcome to watch (there’s nothing gross in there), but feel free to wait a while too. The videos aren’t going anywhere.


Boys’ Bits playlist

Not Your Mum isn’t just for girls. GAD no. We’ve got lots of videos relevant to boys, with info on everything from body image to wet dreams. Here they are, collected in a handy playlist for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.