Ali CroninAli Cronin

  • santa-baby-cover

    A festive steamy festive romp for the festive season (NB Not actually all that festive. You could read it at any time of the year. But it is steamy.)

  • Foreign language editions

    Czech, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish editions of the Girl Heart Boy books.

  • ali_cronin_girl_heart_boy

    Girl Heart Boy

    A series of six novels covering a year in the life of six friends. “Combines the romance of The OC with the realism of Skins and the sexiness of Fifty Shades of Grey – for a teen audience.”

  • ali_cronin_girl_skins

    Skins: The Novel

    “Follow Effy, Freddie, JJ, Cook, Naomi, Pandora, Thomas and Katie over the course of the college summer break between Skins series 3 and 4, with brand new storylines that don’t feature in the series or upcoming film.”



Murder mystery, documentary and minigames. Wrote Rachel’s in-character copy, plus much of the above-the-line stuff.  


For Mum

Commissioned and co-produced this film about losing a parent, directed by BAFTA-winner Esther May Campbell.


BBC Slink

I produced this amazing site for teens, part of BBC Switch (RIP), working with some brilliant and very cool people. I miss them.


Wrote funny fash blog posts about such matters as Lily Allen’s hair and Rihanna’s shoes. (I love both Lily & Rihanna btw.)