Ali CroninAli Cronin

  • Czech, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish editions of the Girl Heart Boy books.

  • Girl Heart Boy

    A series of six novels covering a year in the life of six friends. “Combines the romance of The OC with the realism of Skins and the sexiness of Fifty Shades of Grey – for a teen audience.”

  • Skins: The Novel

    “Follow Effy, Freddie, JJ, Cook, Naomi, Pandora, Thomas and Katie over the course of the college summer break between Skins series 3 and 4, with brand new storylines that don’t feature in the series or upcoming film.”

  • A festive steamy festive romp for the festive season (NB Not actually all that festive. You could read it at any time of the year. But it is steamy.)


Murder mystery, documentary, minigames from The Wellcome Trust/Channel 4. Wrote all Rachel’s in-character copy.  

For Mum

Commissioned and co-produced this film about losing a parent, directed by BAFTA-winner Esther May Campbell.

BBC Slink

I produced this amazing site for teens, part of BBC Switch (RIP), working with some brilliant and very cool people. I miss them.

Wrote funny fash blog posts, now offline, about such matters as Lily Allen’s hair & Rihanna’s shoes.